eSports Arena is North America’s first dedicated eSports facility. The Arena is a 15,000 square foot facility launching in 2015 and is located in downtown Orange County, California.

eSports Arena’s unique modular facility allows for small to large scale highly produced eSports and entertainment events. eSports Arena will also host daily video game competition, produce unique digital content, and rent space/equipment to the eSports/interactive entertainment industry at a fraction of the cost of traditional venues.

eSports Arena will be capable of building and sustaining audiences over an extended period of time allowing the eSports world to have consistent national events and competitions on any title – any time.

These Arenas will be fusing lifestyle brands, music, and art with the eSports demographic. eSports Arena is set to be the bridge for eSports into the mainstream entertainment ecosystem.

eSports Arena takes pride in its ability to be radically responsive to literally every gaming community. eSports Arena will help facilitate community driven and crowd funded events that will bring the spotlight to every community that is willing – not just the chosen few.