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by Dreidel Lopez // December 7th, 2016

2017 will be bringing in a lot of new and exciting changes to Esports Arena. Starting off with providing our members with brand new chairs! We have partnered with NEEDforSEAT to bring you brand new pro-gaming chairs.

We will be changing our hours to accomidate for our weekly events such as, Mega Smash Monday and Wednesday Night Fights by opening later during the weekdays, but staying open later on the weekends. This will be in effect starting January 1st.

We will also be opening our very own Esports Arena cafe and bar! We know quite a few of our members have been asking us to provide more caffeine and snacks well, we're listening. Our plan is to offer hot snack foods as well as coffee drinks. At night you and your friends can grab a drink at our bar and take it back to our computers for a long night of gaming and fun. Starting January 1st we will no longer allow outside food or drinks into the arena.

Now for the most exciting news for our members, we will be lowering the price of membership to only $10 a month! That's right, now you can have an entire month of access to the arena for the same price as a day. If you aren't signed up already, a membership here at Esports Arena we provide you with gaming computers and peripherals as well as discounts on our events. The monthly recurring membership will be $10 a month with an initial $20 purchase which includes your first and last month payment, 1-time 30 day membership will be $20, and a day pass will be $10 per day.

We hope that you will continue to visit us at the arena. 2017 will be a great year of events you definitely won't want to miss!


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