If Esports Were In The Olympics

by Tiffany "Tifa" Chiu // August 5th, 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympics have begun in Rio de Janeiro. Despite some interesting developments such as concerns about sanitation and the Zika virus, the games seem to be rolling full steam ahead.

The IOC regularly adds and removes sports from the Olympics, this year adding Rugby Sevens and Golf, but what if video game competitions were included? I don't imagine it'd happen in my lifetime, if ever, but it's still interesting to wonder what it would look like if esports were in the Olympics.

So, what would it look like? If esports were in the Olympics...

1) There would be cosplayers in the Opening Ceremonies.

2) Esports athletes wouldn't be able to run the torch very far.

3) Instead of Gatorade commercials, they'll advertise Doritos and Mountain Dew.

4) The Olympic village would include state-of-the-art bootcamping facilities... unless perhaps the Olympics came back to Rio.

5) South Korea would win all the gold.

6) ...except in FPS games, which would be dominated by Europeans.

Let us know what you think would happen if esports were included in the Olympic games by tweeting us @EsportsArena!


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