Introducing World Series of Sealed

by Tiffany "Tifa" Chiu // April 11th, 2016

Esports Arena introduces a unique Hearthstone series called World Series of Sealed, a poker-style tournament using TempoStorm’s Sealed Deck tool. The event will be livestreamed and will feature some of the most prominent Hearthstone players currently in the scene: Reynad, Firebat, Strifecro, Trump, VLPS and Zalae. Each of these players will begin the tournament with 1,000 gold (equal to $1,000 USD) for a total prize pool of $6,000.

Reminiscent of the sealed deck format of TCGs, World Series of Sealed will require each player to build their decks from a limited amount of cards received from card packs. Players will then face each other using their newly formed decks and will be required to bet a minimum amount of gold before each game. Opponents will have to match the bet in order to play, or they can raise the ante. At the end of the tournament, the player with the most amount of gold will be crowned the champion.

Starting on April 14th at 11:00AM PST on, World Series of Sealed will be hosted by Frodan and casted by TJ Sanders and Shamonahe.


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