Esports Arena took our first step into signing influencers and broadcast talent when we brought Jamerson officially into the fold earlier this Fall. And now, we’re ready to do it again with one of the strongest grassroots voices in esports. We are incredibly excited to announce that we are signing Tony ‘YNOT B CASTING’ Rose as our next caster and influencer at Esports Arena. You’ll know Tony from his frequent appearances across Esports Arena broadcasts like Series E Apex Legends and Microsoft Sunday Halo 5. We feel like this opportunity to support a passionate and grassroots talent like Tony couldn’t be more perfect and we can’t wait to see what Tony does in the future.

Tony got his start in esports in the late 2000’s playing Halo and has been immersed in the scene ever since. While things didn’t quite pan out as a player, Tony found a love for casting and adding his voice to the conversation of Halo and esports. Ever since, Tony has been ready and willing to spend whatever time he has playing, casting, and discussing any tournament he could be a part of. This voracious appetite for competitive Halo and Tony’s incredible work ethic have truly paid off over the last few years as he has been able to work with tournament organizers like Esports Arena and the HCS, as well as professional esports orgs like Sentinels, Envy, Version1, and more. You can now see him frequently on HCS broadcasts since the release of Halo Infinite, adding his unique voice to some of the best esports broadcasts around. We couldn’t be more ecstatic to support and work with Tony further and believe he embodies the passion for esports that we are all about at Esports Arena.

If you want to see more from Tony, make sure to keep an eye out for the launch of Series E Halo Infinite in early 2022. Also, don’t forget to follow Tony on Twitter and check him out on his frequent Twitch streams