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Santa Ana Showdown V // Saturday, April 1st

Esports Arena is happy to present the ESA: Santa Ana Showdown V! We are SoCal's home for local CS:GO tournaments and once again bring you a LAN tournament to crown yourselves SoCal's champions. The tournament will showcase 16 teams with live streamed and commentated matches. This is the last tournament to qualifiy for our $20,000 Championship Series!

More announcements to follow!

We will have 144hz monitors on site
There will be no computers available for members but you're all welcome to spectate the event!

Rules •   Group Stage matches - Best of One (Coin toss for ban process order/knife for side) (BAN-BAN-BAN-BAN-BAN-BAN-LAST)

•   Playoff Bracket matches - Best of Three (Coin toss for map ban order) (BAN-BAN-PICK-PICK-BAN-BAN-LAST)

-   Freeze Time - 15 seconds
-   Round Time - One minute and 55 seconds
-   Regulation Max Rounds - 15
-   Regulation Start Money - $800
-   The team with the most alive players at the end of the round picks their side
-   In case of a draw, a team will be randomly selected to pick their side
-   Overtime Max Rounds - 3
-   Overtime Start Money - $10,000
-   Overtime Side Selection - in overtime, teams first play the side they last played in regulation

Top 2 finishing teams of the events SHOWDOWN III/SHOWDOWN IV/SHOWDOWN V receive berth at Championship event in May

Each Championship Event qualified team must maintain 3 members of their qualifying roster from Showdown in order to retain their berth

Teams are subject to losing their SHOWDOWN event slot in the event that they fail to confirm their lineup within 3-days of purchasing a team pass

Each team must bring their own peripherals, cables, and refresh rate capable monitor should they choose to use any rate above 60hz (Bring your own 120hz/144hz)

No roster changes are permitted after March 29th at 12:00pm PST unless instituted by a tournament administrator.

* These rules are subject to change or addendum

If you wish to stream the event from your PC, you must first contact and have approval from the tournament organizer.

More announcements to follow!

LOCATION 120 W. 5th St
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Parking Map

Prize Breakdown for Showdown V Prize Pool = 3200
1st Place = $1,700
2nd Place = $1,000
3rd/4th Place = $250

Pricing Passes go on sale the 20th and first come first serve.
16 teams / 4 groups of 4 teams each / top 2 teams of each group advance to playoff bracket
Entry cost $200 per team with a $3200 prize pool as of now.
Registered teams must confirm slot with organizer within 3 days of purchasing their pass.

Teams are expected to show up and be game ready no later then check-in closing time. Forfeits and eventual disqualification will be placed on teams who do not comply with timelines.

There are no refunds on team passes purchased, even more specifically in the event of no-show

SCHEDULE (PST) Doors Open and Check-in Begins: 9:00am
Check-in Concludes: 10:00am
Captains Meeting & Vetoes: 10:30am
Tournament commencement 11:00am

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