Get ready for the start of Series E: Season 2 with Draft Day! Find out which teams our 9 Series E: Partner Teams picked to draft. Each sponsor has the perks but this is where we get to see which teams are potential to win the Season 2 championships.

Draft Day

March 3rd - Live at 4PM PST / 7PM EST

Featuring Esports Arena CEO Tyler Endres, our 4 returning Series E: Season 1 teams who placed Top 4 and all of our Season 2 qualifying teams. Returning Series E Teams include:

Team Razer - Season 1 Champions

Team Rockstar

Team Nestle Pure Life+

Team Rice Krispies Treats

Tune in and tell your Apex friends that Series E: Draft Day is something you NEED to watch live! See you in chat.

Tune in LIVE to Series E: Season 2 Draft day March 3rd at 5 PM PST on, Twitch & Youtube

Watch Season 1 Draft Day Here