Last month, we here at Esports Arena announced the launch of Series E: Halo Infinite with our $25,000 Invitational Tournament. If you didn’t get a chance to watch that incredible event, be sure to check it out here:

If you have never heard of Series E, you might have a lot of questions. This short video below explains just how things work in Series E:

If you are new to Series E, see here for a short video breaking down the basics of the system.

Now that you are familiar with the basics, let’s get into the details of the qualifiers. All Series E circuits begin with qualifiers and the Halo Infinite qualifiers will take place on January 31 and February 7 at 4pm PST. Each qualifier will consist of a 64-team max, double-elimination bracket. The winning team from each qualifier will earn their slot for the inaugural season of Series E: Halo Infinite with each individual player receiving a title sponsorship from one of our many brands (VIZIO, Nerf, Intel, Razer, Splash, Excedrin) in Season 1.


  • Qualifiers take place on January 31st and February 7th starting at 4pm PST
  • 64 Team Capacity
  • Double Elimination BO3/BO5
  • Signup Here
  • Winning Team from both events earn opportunity for sponsorship
  • Sponsors: VIZIO, Nerf, Intel, Razer, Splash, Excedrin5

  • Once qualifiers finish, the winning teams will be signed during Series E: Halo Infinite Draft Day on February 21, and then the fun really begins with the first week of Season 1 starting on February 28 at 4pm PST. The season will consist of two nights of competition each week over the course of 8 weeks . Every Monday, the newly signed Series E teams, Esports Arena Red and Esports Arena Blue, will compete in a 64-team open bracket for a $1000 prize pool against anyone who signs up! Then, every Wednesday, there will be featured invite-only exhibition matches with a range of different formats to keep things fresh for everyone involved.


    • Winning Teams Sign to Esports Arena during Draft Day
    • Season 1 of Series E: Halo Infinite is 8 weeks long
    • Monday Nights
      • $1000 Prize Pool
      • 4pm PST start time
      • 64 Team Capacity
      • Double Elimination BO3/BO5
      • Sign ups go live the Wednesday before each event
    • Wednesday Nights
      • $500 Prize Pool
      • 2pm PST start time
      • Invite Only Exhibition Matches against the signed Series E teams

    The first season of Series E Halo Infinite is right around the corner and will feature a packed schedule of intense competition. If you have any further questions about how things will work, check out our FAQ here or reach out to our staff in our Discord server. Mark your calendars and get ready for the Halo Infinite action to take off this month!