We here at Esports Arena are excited to announce Season 4 of Series E: Apex Legends! The first three seasons of Series E have been incredible. Looking back, there are a ton of crazy moments we’ve witnessed. Team Intel’s surge into the top four leading to a fantastic showing in the ALGS Championship. Team Pringles Season 2 Championship. The continued dominance of XeraTricky and Mrhackulo. Looking back at the numbers also paints an awesome picture of the impact Series E has had on the Apex Legends competitive scene.

Esports Arena has poured nearly $450,000 into the Apex scene from salaries to prize money and more. 81 different players have had the opportunity to compete in Series E with 15 of these individuals going on to sign with professional organizations (CLG, eRa Eternity, Charlotte Phoenix, etc.) after their time with Esports Arena. All of this encapsulates what has been a whirlwind of a run through the first three seasons. And while we will always look back fondly on the beginning of Series E, we cannot wait to start the next season and see a fresh crop of players take their first steps in esports.

Now, one of the biggest things to address as we gear up for the new season of Series E is some significant changes to how things will work starting this season. Let’s go through the most notable differences for the coming season:

Larger Season and Prizing

Season 4 will be longer than the previous 12-week runs we’ve held through Season 3. The new Series E season will now be 16 weeks long and line up with the ALGS season. Also, weekly pricing for Pro Night will be increased.

Mid-Season Roster Mania

A new mid-season break will give teams time to make changes to their rosters and gear up for the second half of Season 4.

New Open Night Format

Open Night competition will no longer be restricted to free agent teams only. Any squad that isn’t under a pro organization already invited to compete in Series E will be able to play. The new format for Open Nights will consist of a qualifying round played in two different servers. The top twelve teams through four games in the qualifying round will move on to compete with our partnered squads in the final round.

Qualifying for a Series E Sponsorship

To qualify for a chance to earn a Series E sponsorship you must compete in the preseason qualifiers or finish in the Top-4 during the previous season of Series E. The top ranked open team from the previous season will no longer automatically qualify for the next season.

New Pro Night Invite

Throughout the season, top open night competitors will be invited to be the 20th team competing on Pro Nights.

Represent Esports Arena in ALGS

The best team in Series E will now represent Esports Arena in the ALGS. Compete with the best in the world for millions of dollars in prizing, all while representing Esports Arena.

The new season of Series E is going to be incredible. All kinds of exciting changes, a new crop of aspiring Series E pros, and some of the best Apex Legends talent in the world. We here at Esports Arena cannot wait to kick things off very soon. If you want to compete in the Season 4 qualifiers, you can sign up right now here. Also, if you have any questions about the coming season, you can see our Series E FAQ here. or you can reach out to us on Twitter (@EsportsArena).

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